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SemiNex delivers the highest available power at infrared wavelengths between 12xx and 19xx nm. When necessary we will further optimize the design of our InP laser chips to meet our customers' specific optical and electrical performance needs. Diodes, bars and packages are tested to meet customer and market performance demands. Typical results and packaging options are shown. Contact SemiNex for additional details or to discuss your specific requirements.
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Symbol 4CM-1174CM-1044CM-107 Units
Center Wavelength λc131014701550nm (±20)
Output Power (CW) P° 15.0018.0016.00watts (±10%)
Spectral Width δλ 202020nm 3dB
Slope Efficiency η° 1.21.41W/A
Optical Fiber Core Dia. η° 400400400μm
Optical Fiber NA
Fiber Length
Connector SMA905SMA905SMA905
Power Conversion Eff. η 25.0022.0020.00%
Threshold Current Ith
Operating Current Iop 111414A
Operating Voltage Vop
Lead Soldering Temp. °C 250250250°C
Aiming Beam
Output Power Pa222mW
Wavelength λa635635635nm
Operating Current** Iop505050mA
Voltage Limit Vmax52.22.2V
Weight 550400550g
Operating Temp.** -40 to 60-40 to 60-40 to 60°C
Storage Temp. -40 to 80-40 to 80-40 to 80°C
Thermistor Constant β347734773477β
Thermistor Resistance R101010K ohm

Specified values are rated at a constant heat sink temperature of 20°C.
**Specified operating conditions are based on 20C heat sink temperature. High temperature operation will reduce performance and MTTF.
Unless otherwise indicated all values are nominal.

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